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2008 Financial Crisis & Transportation Pieces

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Some viable proposals from someone who understands the complexity of financial markets.  Regulation as it was practiced in the 1950s and 1960s is in order.  We know the Bushies hated it; what will Obama do?

Slightly dated now, but how does the current bear market stack up against the post-1929 market, the post-oil crisis of 1973-74 and the early 2000’s tech crash?  It’s pretty bad.  I think since this graph was generated, things have leveled off.

Simple solutions to “too big to fail”.  If it’s too big to fail, it’s too big to exist.  It’s time to start breaking up corporations that are too big for their britches.

84% of Americans in 2007 were against privatization of roads.  Does that mean they recognize that government is better at managing some projects than the private sector?

Speaking of transportation, a reduction in gasoline-fueled vehicles doesn’t only mean a movement toward hybrids and electric vehicles.  High-speed rail deserves a good, hard look, followed up by some serious action.

I first heard of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Buses this summer.  They’re very expensive at the moment due to the lack of market penetration, the same problem every new technology faces.  After 1,000 roll off the assembly line, they should only cost $40,000 more than 20th century buses.  At which point, they’ll pay for themselves in fuel savings in just a few years.  And emissions are reduced by 90%.  As soon as carbon costs are included, PHEBs will be very sought after.


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