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Senate Democrats Continue To Negotiate With Themselves And Not With Republican Teabaggers

I can’t say I’m surprised by this news:

Officials say Senate Democrats are considering including spending cuts in legislation to keep the government in operation after existing funding expires on March 4, the first time they have signaled they are willing to embrace immediate reductions.

After the debacles that occurred with global warming, health care and a myriad of other critical policy topics in the last Congress, Senate Democrats seem to be blinking first in the government shutdown game of chicken the Republican Teabaggers are threatening.  That makes things like this:

But if you start making preemptive concessions, all you’re doing is establishing a new baseline for negotiations. You’re not actually changing any of the fundamental dynamics at play.

a pretty weak version of analysis.

The current breed of Democrats in the Senate, especially the Senate Democratic “leadership”, a much different breed than what was available during the 1995 Republican Government Shutdown.  Today’s Democrats are far more spineless; much more likely to preemptively capitulate at the slightest thought that a Republican Teabagger might sneeze at them.  Another fine and dandy example of this is President Obama.  He actually thinks it’s a strength to preemptively capitulate because, hey, at least you’re working with the other side, right?  Wrong, dumbasses.  These weaklings don’t think they got elected for the same reason that voters think they’re electing them.  How long that continues is a function of how many policies continue their hard-right slant in the next few years.

Welfare for the rich in December?  You betcha’.

Cut programs for the middle and lower class in February as a result?  Darn tootin’.  Anybody else see a pattern around here?

I’d also recommend that voters stop using elections as popularity contests, but that doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon.  That has to come first.  Then the anger at Congress will be justified.