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Health Law “Casualty”: Excessive Timeline Requirement

Any long-time reader of this blog will know how bitterly disappointed I was with the health care law insurance giveaway that the Obama administration bungled last year.  Part of that law was dropped by the White House because of an insane requirement: a 75-year solvency clause for the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program.  Much like what will happen with the Postal Service, which was recently saddled with the same requirement, this negotiated capitulated requirement ensured the program’s demise.

How pathetic is this?  Where was the 75-year solvency clause for the mega-banks which have received $14 Trillion in taxpayer dollars?  Where was the 75-year solvency clause for war and occupation activities?  Oh, that’s right, our republic has been all too happy to transform itself into an imperialist oligarchy.

Quality health care for everybody?  We’re too busy destroying countries and cultures while ensuring the largest upward transfer of wealth in history continues unchecked.

Forget the crazies on the right and ask yourself this: is this the change you voted for?  How many more decades have to pass before this ludicrous incrementalist approach is ditched?  The Republican Teabaggers are playing to win while Democrats want to play nice.  Brilliant!