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Citigroup Earnings Rise 74% to $3.8 Billion

I think that headline says enough, don’t you?

If not, there’s this (emphasis mine):

Three years after needing a (taxpayer funded) federal bailout (of billions of dollars) to survive, Citigroup reported its seventh-straight quarterly profit, with a 74 percent rise in the third quarter despite dismal results of its investment bank.

Remember, instead of consumer advocates or labor (you know, people who actually voted for him), Team Obama has people from Citi and other super-banks advising him on economics.  Does anybody seriously think that’s accidental?  No, it’s exactly what Obama wants.  Think that through carefully as you hear his campaign ramp up attacks on Romney for being too connected to Wall Street.  Rolling up his sleeves and giving speeches around the country is meant to obscure that hypocrisy.  Tell me again exactly how Romney would be worse if you’ve lost your home and/or job in the past 5 years while Citi got bailed out with your tax money and is now posting record profits.  Tell me how Romney would be worse when real incomes have fallen for the first time since WWII with a “Democratic” President pushing conservative economic policies as hard as his Con predecessor.  Because on too many issues, I’m not seeing enough of a difference.