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President Bush’s Budget Cuts Target The Working Poor, Middle Class & Students

Read that lede again.  What was your first thought?

If you’re a liberal, it was likely, “Of course President Bush’s budget would target those populations.”

If you’re a conservative, it was likely, “WeatherDem is Bush-bashing again.”

Well, I wrote that lede on purpose to get you to think about your first thought.

Why?  Because the budget I’m talking about is actually President Obama’s.  The rest of the lede is completely true.

Now, if you’re a liberal, you’re probably questioning why I’m Obama-bashing.  And if you’re a conservative, you’re probably congratulating yourself on telling everybody back in 2008 that Obama wasn’t who he said he was.  And if you’re a teabagger, you’re probably grabbing your gun and looking for the nearest Democratic politician to assassinate.

What I want to say is this: This is why I and other liberals were saying back in December that Obama shouldn’t have accepted the crap deal he ended up with in the lame duck session of Congress.  This is why President Obama shouldn’t have pre-capitulated on welfare for the rich for 2 years while accepting only 13 months of unemployment insurance extension.  The START treaty?  It would have been passed this session, regardless of who was in control of which chamber of Congress.  DADT?  The Democratic-led Congress should have passed it much earlier in the session, especially if it was such a necessary thing to do.

The biggest problem with the totally awesome “deal” that President Obama accepted was the Bush tax cuts, now the Obama tax cuts, were not paid for.  They haven’t been paid for since their inception.  Because making sure they’re paid for would require drastic cuts somewhere else in the budget – to the tune of $858 Billion in two years.  Which is exactly why the “oh-so-liberal” President Obama is now proposing to cut programs that help the working poor, help the needy heat their homes (witness the brutal winter most of the U.S. has experience this year and tell me that’s a moral thing to do), provide access to graduate-level education programs and even undermine the same kind of community organization programs that catapulted Obama to his career.  All of which will help the budget out by … oh, look at that … only $100 Billion per year.  Which means there are still $350 Billion in cuts yet to come.  Sweet.

The rich don’t need more welfare checks from the government.  The working poor, middle class and students do need some assistance.

So I hope those folks who were arguing the President had to take the only deal he could possibly ever get are satisfied and pleased with the results.

If this is “Winning The Future“, I’d hate to see what losing the future looks like.



Random Pieces 7/28/08

George W. Bush continues to set record after record. Five of the worst deficits? They’re Bush’s and his extremist allies in Congress. This year’s deficit will amount to around $482 billion. Bushies are of course trying to spin the number, citing two worse deficits in our history, based on percentage of GDP. There’s a lot of that going around as the economy tanks and businesses post record-setting losses themselves. It’s only the third worst yearly deficit ever! Brought to you by folks who convinced voters they were fiscally responsible. One more reason not to vote for McCain and dozens of other candidates.


One out of five bridges in the US is 50 years old or older, according to American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Why is 50 years worth mentioning? Engineers design bridges to last 50 years. And the amount of traffic using those bridges far exceeds what was estimated 50+ years ago. Last year, a bridge collapse in Minnesota killed 13 and injured 144 people. And yet the same conservatives who have run up record deficits continue to argue that we shouldn’t invest in our national infrastructure. Indeed, immoral corporations like Halliburton and Exxon are gleefully accepting corporate welfare while our infrastructure edges closer to failure.


So someone went to a church in Tennessee with a shotgun and killed two people while injuring seven others.  Who is this person?  Another psychotic white male.  He was pissed off at “liberals and gays” and frustrated he couldn’t find a job.  He believes that all liberals should be killed.  Where did he get such crazy thoughts?  Unsurprisingly, his reading included Bill O’Reilly, Mike Savage and Sean Hannity.  Their writings and general use of language, along with other extremist right-wingers, have been identified as infused with violence.

I recommend reading Jeffrey Feldman’s “Outright Barbarous” to get a clearer idea of this – he takes a short stroll through right-wing pundit-land and examines their rhetoric.  His conclusion: that the level of violence in their rhetoric prevents any real discussion of the issues we all face today.  I’m actually surprised even more outbursts like this haven’t been seen.

I’m curious if Jim David Adkisson will be charged as a terrorist.  Based on the fact that he’s not brown and doesn’t have a Muslim-sounding name, I doubt it.

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