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What Are the Costs of Acting Against Climate Change?

I wanted to collect some information I’ve seen about climate change action costs.  Some of it is right-wing propaganda, some of it is reality-based facts from large-scale studies that have been done.  The short answer is what I’ve been writing for a while: it is far cheaper to act than not to act.

Beginning with the right-wing, extremist, denier propaganda:

On the subject of a still-in-the-works cap-and-trade plan, Con-servatives are running around screaming about a $3,128 tax that would befall the American people.  As usual, they’re trying to work up their base over … nothing.  As usual, they’re misquoting a scientific study by MIT that examined what a potential cap-and-trade plan would do to the “average American”.  As usual, they’re promoting a three-word catch-phrase designed to fool people into buying into their b.s.  They’re calling the cap-and-trade plan a light-switch tax.  What is the true number from the MIT study?  $79 per family (based on 2.56 people, just as the Con-servatives did) in 2015.  The long-term cost to a household?  $215.05.  That’s 6.9% of what the Cons are talking about.  They’ve boosted the number over 14 times its true cost – purposefully lying to generate fear and anger.  As usual, that’s disgusting behavior from the “family-values” crowd.

Reality-based details can be found below.

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