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Denver’s March 2013 Climate Summary


During the month of March 2013, Denver, CO (link updated monthly) recorded a 74°F difference between maximum and minimum temperatures.  This fact tells us nothing about how temperatures compare to climatological norms however.  For the entire month, Denver was 2.7°F below normal (37.7°F vs. 40.4°F).  The maximum temperature of 76°F was recorded on the 15th while the minimum temperature of 2°F was recorded on the 25th.

 photo Denver_Temps_201303_zps2e96a01c.png

Figure 1. Time series of temperature at Denver, CO during March 2013.  Daily high temperatures are in red, daily low temperatures are in blue, daily average temperatures are in green, climatological normal (1981-2010) high temperatures are in light gray, and normal low temperatures are in dark gray. [Source: NWS]

Precipitation was above normal again during March 2013, making a two-month trend.  During the month, 1.47″ of liquid water equivalent precipitation fell, compared to 0.92″ normally.  The wettest March on record was in 1983 when 4.56″ of precipitation fell.  There were two notable weather events during March: a 6″+ snowstorm on the 9th and the 23rd.  In total, the NWS recorded 23.5″ of snow, 13.5″ more than the normal of 10.0″ for the month.

While more precipitation fell than normal during the month, the drought impacting the region was still not broken.  Above-average precipitation will have to fall for longer than one month for that to happen.  The NWS expects continued drought conditions across most of Colorado through the next three months.  Some improvement in northeast Colorado might occur.  In contrast to February and March, the NWS projects warmer and drier than normal conditions over Colorado during the next three months.


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