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Hurricane Ernest To Hit Mexico Tonight

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Ernesto underwent some intensification today, reaching hurricane strength as of the most recent advisory update from the National Hurricane Center.  Within the next 12 hours, Hurricane Ernesto will make initial landfall along the Mexican coast, north of Belize.  He is predicted to spend just under 24 hours moving over Mexico (weakening to a Tropical Storm) before re-emerging over the warm southern Gulf of Mexico waters.  Just over one day later, Ernesto will likely make second landfall along the Mexican coast (likely re-strengthening to a hurricane).

Hurricane Ernesto’s center is currently located near 18.8N 86.2W; has a central minimum pressure of 983mb; has maximum sustained winds of 80mph; and is moving WHW @ 15mph.  Hurricane Ernesto has a very good satellite appearance with concentric outflow and cold cloud-top temperatures:


Hurricane Ernest is predicted to continue moving generally westward, then curving slightly south of west over the next five days:



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