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Colorado Sues Longmont over Longmont’s Stiffer Drilling Regulations

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The state of Colorado wants to do everything it can to facilitate fossil fuel development, even if that means putting drilling rigs in the middle of housing areas.  The city of Longmont doesn’t think drilling should take place amidst residential areas, but the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission doesn’t care about local controls – they’re pro-drilling no matter the consequences.  So the Boulder County DA is suing Longmont to invalidate the city’s common sense regulations.

The federal government cracked down on Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries that were within 1000ft of schools earlier this year.  Does anyone think the feds will crack down on drilling rigs within 1000ft of those same children’s’ homes?  Toxic pollution from drilling is okay, but not a facility that has similar legal rights to exist and participate in commerce.

Does the state really want to fight for fossil fuel drilling instead of children?  What kind of public policy is that?


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