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41st Day of 90°F+ Heat In Denver, CO

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While 90°F might sound like a low threshold for many across the US Midwest, the total number of 90°F days for Denver in 2012 is racing for the record books.  An average year yields 32 90°F days in Denver – or at least an average year in a cooler climate.

Through the 26th of July, 2012, Denver, CO has recorded a total of 41 days of 90°F+ maximum temperatures.  Wednesday was the last day that could have registered a sub-90°F temperature, but 90°F was the recorded high for the day.  As such, the latest streak of 90°F+ days continues: 16!  That streak edges out the 15-day streak Denver already recorded earlier this summer.  So not only have temperatures been warmer than normal more often than normal, they’ve been warmer than usual for extended periods of time.  That means that ecosystems haven’t had their normal chance to recuperate from such high temperatures – a point that I will spend more time on in an upcoming post.
That streak is likely to continue: the forecast for the next 7 days includes highs in the mid- to upper-90s.  Denver could witness a July with only 4 days below 90°F.  So far this month, the average temperature departure from average is +4.7°F.  That isn’t as high as June (+7.6°F), but the general trend is clear: 2012 is very warm for Denver, CO and other locations across the mid-section of the US.


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