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13th Day of 100°F+ Heat In Denver, CO

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This is a short update to a recent series on this topic (last post here).

Through the 23rd of July, 2012, Denver, CO has officially recorded a total of 13 days of 100°F+ maximum temperatures.  The previous year with such heat was 2005, when the NWS recorded 7 such days.  We are on the cusp of doubling the previous number of 100°F+ days.  Due to Denver’s latitude (~40N) and altitude (~5,200 ft. above sea level), 100°F days are rare.  This year is developing a series of very anomalous heat and drought observations.

Denver has also now recorded 38 days of 90°F+ days, so only 12 more such days need occur the rest of this year to make the top-9 list.

Denver is also in the midst of another consecutive 90°F+ day streak: 13 through yesterday (11 Jul – 23 Jul).  That is in addition to the previous 15-day streak the city recorded from late June through early July.  The streak will continue through today before slightly cooler temperatures (only 89°F?) occur Thursday, then right back into the 90s starting Friday.

The thought of autumn and cooler temperatures is very appealing.


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