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You Get What You Vote For

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Bill McKibben of has a snarky post over at the Daily Beast that ends with the following:

That’s why it would be so scary if it wasn’t a hoax. But it must be, because if it was a real crisis, responsible authorities would be taking action. The president wouldn’t be approving new oil drilling in the Arctic on the very same week. The Interior Secretary wouldn’t be auctioning off a vast new store of coal. The Republican presidential nominee wouldn’t be promising to approve the Keystone pipeline to the vast tarsands of Canada as his very first order of business.

Let’s all be very, very honest here: that president is a Democrat.  So is that Interior Secretary.  The obfuscation and obstruction isn’t the sole province of Republicans: both major political parties have done their fair share of ignoring the climate and energy arenas in the last few decades.  There were elections to win and financial supporters to pay back with political favors.  Boring stuff like energy policy can always wait until the next Congress or President is in office.

On this topic, there isn’t much difference between the major party candidates for President, as evidenced by the overall lack of action in the past 3.5 years by the “Hope and Change” candidate.  True, Obama hasn’t campaigned against action the way the $1 Billion candidate has, but that’s a pretty shoddy comparison that we’re forced to make.  You get what you vote for.


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