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8th Day of 100F+ Heat In Denver, CO

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This is just a short update to my post yesterday about the early-summer heat wave affecting Denver, CO.

With the 101F maximum temperature yesterday (a new daily record), Denver has hit at least 100F 8 days already in 2012.  That might not sound like much to folks in Arizona or Texas, but 100F days are rare in Denver due to both our latitude and altitude.

As the 2nd link is kind enough to describe, the 8 days now exceeds 2005, which saw 7 such days.  One big difference between 2005 and 2012 is that in 2005, the 7 days of 100F+ heat occurred near the end of July, not prior to July 4th.  Put simply, not only is this heat wave anomalous in and of itself, but the timing of the heat wave is especially anomalous.  As I wrote in the post yesterday, June 2012 was the warmest June on record for Denver by a significant margin: +7.6F.  June 2012 beat out the previous record average June temperature by 1.5F (1994).  That is a significant margin of heat over an entire month.  It also follows an anomalously warm May and April.

There is good news: the string of consecutive 90F+ days might end this weekend.  Any temperature relief may not be accompanied by precipitation relief, which is also desperately needed.


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