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Conservatives Do Not Believe In States’ Rights


The most conservative judges on the Supreme Court since the 1930s issued a decision yesterday that said police could racially profile people in Arizona.  Some of the writings and statements made yesterday were overtly political – exactly what judges should not be.  The politicization of the Supreme Court by right wing extremists has reached new heights with this group.  That was the state of affairs forecasted to occur by non-partisan experts asked to comment on President Bush’s unqualified nominees.  And that is the state of affairs that has developed.  Based on the aforementioned writings, the conservative judges defended the so-called “right” of Arizona to “defend” itself against people that those in power don’t want in the state: brown people.

Is the immigration system broken?  Yes.

Are most government systems broken?  Yes.

Why are they broken?  Because those same right-wing extremists have put policies and personnel in place to ensure the systems don’t operate as they were designed.  The more they can wreck things, the truer their complaints that government doesn’t work rings true.  It’s called fulfilling their own prediction.

But hold on one moment.  Those same so-called “pro-states’ rights” folks are equally silent on the right of Montana to enforce a 100-year old law to keep corruption out of government.  Folks used to publicly pay for legislators – including U.S. Senators – to get the policies they individually wanted implemented.  The people of Montana stood up to that kind of nonsense.  Alito, Romney, Limbaugh and all the other right-wing nuts out there didn’t say word one about Montana’s right to pass a state law in the absence of national laws and a broken election system.

There are dozens of corporate media articles proclaiming Romney’s unwavering belief that states’ rights are paramount.

Except that it isn’t.  The corporate media is part of the problem.  If they sold themselves as stenographers, dutifully copying down everything fed to them by whatever source they could dredge up, that would be one thing.  But they continue to try to pass their industry off as legitimate.  The results?  Declining participation in a democratic process.  Disapproval of all branches of government.  These conditions won’t last forever.  Movements will arise and succeed in putting the ship back on course.  The wealthy and powerful won’t like it, but that’s not the real issue.

At the end of the day, conservatives believe in states’ rights.  Except when they don’t, which is more often than when they do.


3 thoughts on “Conservatives Do Not Believe In States’ Rights

  1. Hi there. Nice piece. Although socially conservative, if I was in the USA, there is no way I would vote for the GOP. To understand where I am coming from you need to read both of these (and that which will follow tomorrow)…
    (The comments are quite enlightening also)

    • Interesting – it’s usually those who are socially conservative over here that are the GOPs most stalwart supporters. I am glad that you consider climate change such an important topic.

      To be clear, I was mainly criticizing the lack of consistency when applying an ideology to policy and political developments. The mental gymnastics that GOPers have to perform on a daily basis continues to amaze me.

      • It is a shame that the Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP) have been forced to change their name (i.e. to distance themselves from the the anti-science and anti-intellectual stance adopted by – to say nothing of blatant flip-floping and hypocrisy of – GOP candidates for POTUS)…

        Furthermore, in choosing Mitt Romney, I think the GOP has settled on one of the most unpleasant Americans I have ever come across… with the possible exception of Bob Diamond who, if he had any vestigial sense of decency, would now resign from his position as CEO of Barclays Bank… However, decency aside, he will probably not resign because all the main banks are guilty: The whole stinking system is rotten to the core; and it would seem that a large percentage of those within it have been utterly corrupted by their love of money. Taxpayers bailed these bar-stewards out; and they have repaid us all by screwing us for very penny they could manage. It makes my blood boil…

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