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March 2012 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Sales Jump

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More of this, please:

Consumers bought a record 52,000 gas-electric hybrids and all-electric cars in March, up from 34,000 during the same month last year.

The two categories combined made up 3.64 percent of total U.S. sales, their highest monthly market share ever, according to Ward’s AutoInfoBank. The previous high was 3.56 percent in July 2009, when the Cash for Clunkers program encouraged people to trade in old gas guzzlers for more fuel-efficient cars.

While obviously not dominating the vehicle market, vehicles that use considerably less gas than most vehicles are selling better than ever.  There will be ups and downs on monthly and yearly basis in the future, of course.  I hope the day isn’t too far off when electrics and hybrids make up 50% of the market.  And to the free-market worshippers: this is how markets should work.  New technologies should receive a little assistance to spur market penetration.

The transportation sector constitutes a significant portion of our greenhouse gas pollution.  Plus it makes good economic sense to spend money on your own car instead of shoveling it over to the most profitable corporations history has ever known.  An important next step is when we deploy charging stations across urban areas.  There isn’t a good reason to pay $15,000 per battery pack.  Then, distributed renewable energy generation will wrap up my vision of the future.  There is, after all, no need to pour dirty fossil fuels into our transportation devices.


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