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OH Democrats Dreadful Strategizing

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OH Democrats made an awful decision to go cheap in their effort to gather signatures to block the Republican Teabaggers’ horrifically gerrymandered congressional district map.  Instead of paying a willing firm to help gather signatures, they felt an all-volunteer force was sufficient.

With 12 days left to a deadline, Democrats still need to collect more than 100,000 additional signature.  That’s slightly less than the number already gathered in 5 weeks’ time.  Oops.

In a state that is known for being pretty evenly split between the two major parties, the Teabagger map would result in 12 Teabagger seats and only 4 Democratic seats.  The inability to make good decisions has its consequences.  Establishment Democrats seem unable on any level to truly understand how to engage in politics.  The Teabaggers aren’t going to play nice just because the Democrats want to.  Perhaps a decade in the extreme minority will help galvanize grassroots Democrats to put together more effective strategies.  Don’t hold your breath, though.


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