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Chicago Daily Precipitaiton Record Set

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I caught this short post over at Capital Climate:

The National Weather Service (NWS) reports that the 6.86″ of rainfall at Chicago on Saturday, July 23, broke the record for the date of 2.79″ set just last year. It also set an all-time calendar day precipitation record, surpassing the 6.64″ on September 13, 2008. The 8.20″ of rainfall in a 24-hour period ending 7 am CDT Saturday was below the record set on August 13-14, 1987, however.

With one week remaining in the month, the July total of 9.04″ is now slightly over half an inch below the July monthly record of 9.56″ in July 1889. The 0.45″ of rain which fell through the first 3 weeks of the month would have made this the 3rd driest July in 140 years of Chicago records dating back to 1871.

7 inches of rain falling anywhere is incredible.  This is a reminder that extreme weather events like this will become more and more common the longer we continue to pollute heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.  This kind of event puts incredible strain on infrastructure, which needs to be maintained and repaired.  Such endeavors will only become more expensive because the powered elite want to transfer Americans’ wealth to dirty energy corporations.


One thought on “Chicago Daily Precipitaiton Record Set

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