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Weiner To Resign; Where Is Schultz On Vitter?

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Well, Ed Schultz should feel very proud today.  Even though he’s “only one opinion”, he led the Liberal Hand-Wringing Brigade about Rep. Anthony Weiner’s lewd conduct.  Strangely, I don’t remember Sens. Ensign, Coburn or Vitter garnering nearly as much attention from Schultz as Rep. Weiner did.  Sen. Ensign likely broke laws.  Sen. Coburn helped him do so.  Sen. Vitter definitely broke laws.  But Schultz didn’t spend weeks lambasting them – even though Schultz claims to be liberal while Ensign, Coburn and Vitter are among the most ultra-right-wing wackos that have served in this nation’s history.

Schultz could have either backed up Rep. Weiner, who has been one of the staunchest defenders of the working person, which Schultz claims is his #1 issue, or shut the hell up about Weiner.  The whole sordid story wasn’t actually news, it was infotainment.  Schultz easily could have not talked about his “one opinion” day after day, week after week.  It’s his decision what he talks about, no one else’s, regardless of how many times Schultz claimed that it was important because everybody was talking about it.

So congratulations, Ed.  By leading the Liberal Hand-Wringing Brigade, you’ve removed a strong middle-class defender from the House, which I should remind you the Teabaggers overwhelming took over in 2010 precisely because too few Democrats fought for the middle class in Obama’s first two years.  Meanwhile, Ed didn’t do any heavy lifting to ensure Ensign resigned (which only happened right before charges were brought against him); no heavy lifting to get Coburn to resign; no heavy lifting to get Vitter to resign.  By not acting on the Teabaggers but working overtime on Weiner, Ed has made his crusade for the middle class much more difficult.

Hmm.  One might begin to wonder how solid Ed’s liberal chops really are with crap like this.  Count me as a former Schultz listener/watcher.  In fact, I haven’t watched Schultz’s show since he began needlessly obsessing about Weiner.  At this point, I don’t see much point in listening to him either.  He clearly doesn’t believe the junk coming out of his mouth.  Ed is a fake, pure and simple.

So what’s next, Ed?  Now that you’ve lost your Weiner punching bag, what could you possibly spend all day covering?  By all means, continue to ignore the Teabagger sex scandals, especially those that actually included broken laws.  I’m sure there’s another Democrat out there that has offended your delicate sensibilities enough so that you can fixate on and destroy their political career, regardless of what they could have done for middle-class America.  Having the power and reach the you do, it would be nice to see you exercise some responsibility every now and then.


One thought on “Weiner To Resign; Where Is Schultz On Vitter?

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