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Nobel-Prize Winning Economist Rejected By Teabaggers For Federal Reserve Post

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The Teabaggers hate everything that isn’t them.  Based in racism, the Teabaggers transcend that disgusting practice.  Case in point: the obstruction of a Nobel Prize-winning economist for the Federal Reserve Board.  Peter Diamond won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his research on the labor market.  You know – labor – the thing that actually drives the world’s largest economy.  Wages drive demand.  Demand drives the economy – not supply as the Teabaggers zealously cling to.

The obstruction was wrought by one man; one white, upper-class racist Teabagger from Alabama: Sen. Shelby.  He successfully held up the nomination of a Nobel Prize-winning economist because that economist doesn’t agree with with Shelby’s fringe views on how economies work.

I don’t know why Sen. Shelby hates America or Americans. I don’t know why Sen. Shelby thinks that tens of millions of unemployed Americans is good for the economy.  I don’t know why Sen. Shelby decided that he – and he alone – knew more than any other American about economics.  Actually, I do know.  Sen. Shelby wants the Black Man out of the White House.  Anything else, including extending the Great Recession and allowing China to dominate world affairs for the next century, is way down the priority list for Sen. Shelby.  He hates the idea of a black man as President more than he loves his country.

Teabaggers reward failure and punish success.


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