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William Daley As Obama’s Chief Of Staff? Election Lessons Fail.

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If William Daley becomes President Obama’s Chief of Staff, it will be additional proof that the President did not learn the lessons that the 2010 elections quite easily provided him.  He didn’t over-reach into crazy liberal land.  He didn’t do enough to put Americans back to work.  He protected industry after industry as bills creeped along through the Senate.  And how does he respond after his party loses a historical number of House seats?  By considering a Wall Street banker because he’s reportedly worried that businesses aren’t his BFF.

News flash Mr. Obama: Wall Street won’t man phones and walk precincts for you in 2012.  Neither will Republican Teabaggers or the always befuddled Unaffiliated voters.  The Democratic base will.  Or perhaps they won’t if you choose someone like William Daley.  He’ll be in the White House looking out for corporate interests, not the Americans who don’t have jobs.

If Obama picks Daley, it will also signal that Obama feels he has to respond to the Chicago political machine and that he doesn’t feel that not responding to his base will harm his political future.


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