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Republicans Playing Teabaggers For Fools

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One of the supposed primary causes for the Teabaggers to exist was their stated “concern” for the national debt and national deficits.  Never mind that the Bush Regime tripled the national deficit in only 8 short years, it was only when a half-black man was President that the deficit mattered all of a sudden.  There were some noises being made in the leadup to the 2010 election that Republican Teabaggers would hold their elected officials to account if they weren’t serious about deficit reduction efforts.  Well, it turns out the Republican Teabaggers already in office are doing some mighty strange things as the 112th Congress is about to start:

Republicans’ deficit reduction platform, which may have helped catapult them into the majority, is about to run headlong into a hard reality: Many of their key policy goals will increase the deficit dramatically.

To get around this fact, they’ve included measures in their new rules package to exempt some of their biggest legislative priorities from deficit consideration. Among the exceptions, which the House is likely to consider in the 112th Congress, are the health care repeal bill (scheduled for a vote a week from Wednesday), the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts, an AMT patch, extending the estate tax, and more.

Got that, Teabaggers?  Two of your chief “concerns” are about to run headlong into each other.  If the health industry giveaway legislation is repealed, the deficit will balloon because future costs would no longer be held down.  But if Republican Teabaggers say repealing the law doesn’t count against the deficit (more fuzzy math from the same crowd that helped triple the deficit just a few years ago), what will the Teabagger base do?  Will they storm their Representatives’ offices the same way they stormed Democratic offices in the summer of 2009, demanding that their concerns be addressed?  If nothing like that happens (and I doubt it will) in 3 month’s time, it will prove that the Republican Teabagger movement really was more about race than budget.  It will also be more proof that the Teabagger “movement” really was controlled by obscenely rich special interests.  I can’t imagine the Teabagger base will respond favorably when they figure out the rest of us were pointing that out all this time not to make fun of them, but to try to convince them to look at things honestly.  They were used to elect a Republican majority and now they will be expected to sit on the sidelines and stay quiet for the next two years.

Large-budget items that are racking up trillions of dollars onto the deficit by Republicans aren’t supposed to count against the deficit?  Same old typical Republican hypocrisy.  I await the overwhelming Teabagger response.


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