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John Holdren Said What?!

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President Obama’s Chief Science Advisor, John Holdren, said in an interview recently that:

I think in the new Congress, there will unquestionably be hearings on climate science — I think those hearings are going to end up being educational. I think we’ll probably move the opinions of some of the members of Congress who currently call themselves skeptics, because I think a lot of good scientists are going to come in and explain very clearly what we know and how we know it and what it means, and it’s a very persuasive case.


John Holdren might be the President’s Science Advisor.  He likely understands to a reasonable degree the threat that global warming poses to the U.S. and the world.  But it’s undeniably obvious with this quote that he has no idea what kind of opponents he and the President are facing.  And that’s likely the primary reason why the President botched the best opportunity in a generation to deal with global warming.  Scientists will not convince the climate zombies that were elected in 2010 that the science is sound and it’s their too-rigid belief system that is wrong.  When these hearings start, a lot of unbearable nonsense is going to be spewed and it’s not like the corporate stenographers are going to put more credit on the people’s statements whose jobs are studying the climate system.  No, the anti-science climate zombies are going to be placed on pedestals and it will be the climate scientists who will have to waste time publicly defending their work.

h/t ClimateProgress.


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