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Obama Thinks There Is A Business Crisis, Not An Employment Crisis

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That’s the only excuse I can think of for his meeting with 20 CEOs yesterday.  Actions indeed speak louder than words.  In this case, however, his actions reinforce his words.  After successfully convincing enough Americans in 2008 that he actually cared about the plight of workers and average Americans, Obama is showing what his true colors are.

He’s trying to “win back Big Business”?!?!  When did he lose them?  It was when Big Business decided that there was nothing Obama could ever do to fully satisfy them.  Mark my words, no matter what Obama does in the next 2 years to kiss their ass, they’re still going to spend record amounts of money in the 2012 general election to put a Republican Teabagger in the White House.

There is an employment crisis in this country, one of many real crises we face.  Big Business believes they still pay too much in taxes, even though their effective tax rates remain the lowest among industrialized nations.  That’s a fake crisis, but it’s one this weak President is unfortunately responding to because he can’t stand it when others call him mean names.  If 2010 sees a Republican Teabagger beat Obama, it will largely be because of his own actions.  Job growth under this President is among the weakest of any President since WWII.  There never was a recession for the richest Americans.  The recession continues for the rest of us, however.  Did Obama’s policies help prevent worst-case scenario job losses?  Sure they did.  Unfortunately, the employment crisis we face requires more than that.

This President isn’t delivering on it and that’s a moral failure.


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