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Freezing Federal Workers’ Pay For 2 Years Accomplishes Nothing

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President Obama’s announcement that federal workers’ pay should be frozen for 2 years generated headlines, but won’t accomplish anything if enacted.  It pre-empted Republican Teabagger headlines in January, true.  But being President should be about more than generating headlines before the other party.  It’s about demonstrating leadership and proposing policies based on a vision.

The reason for proposing this ostensibly is due to “deficit concerns”.  The policy would save a whopping $5 billion out of a $2000 Billion deficit over 2 years.  In other words, it is not a serious solution.  Everything being discussed by the D.C. establishment (which is solidly pro-corporate) in terms of the deficit will not reduce the deficit.

What continues to remain undone is a serious policy to address the employment crisis in this country.  Another chance to provide leadership has been passed up by this President.  I know why Democrats were drubbed in the 2010 elections.  Does the President?

[Update] Actually, this would accomplish something: further weakening an already weak economy.  Mark Sumner at dKos sums the effects up nicely:

It can’t be argued that imposing a $60 billion penalty on middle class workers — which is exactly what this is — will do anything but retard economic growth and reduce job production.

This policy will worsen the crisis that actually exists: the unemployment crisis. Bravo, President Obama.


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