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Ultra-Conservative Texas Has Bigger Budget Gap Than Liberal California

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A common theme in Republican Teabagger talking-points is that the coastal elites can’t manage budgets, but those in the heartland can and always do.  This won’t cause any Teabaggers any lost sleep, but for those of us in the real world:

Ultra-Conservative Texas has a bigger budget gap than California.  How big is their budget gap?  A ridiculous 25% of current spending: $25 Billion!  How did “fiscal conservatives” mismanage their budget so badly?  Maybe it’s Texas Governor Ricky Perry’s absurd obsession with secession from the U.S.  Maybe it’s tax cut after tax cut after tax cut that the Texas Cons passed in recent years.  Naaaah, that can’t be it.  According to Republican Teabagger Economic Orthodoxy, tax cuts always result it balanced budgets, more jobs and economic prosperity for everybody.  Texas can’t look to the federal government for relief like they did in past years because Teabagger Orthodoxy has taken hold of national economics since then.

In short, Texas is about to feel the full impacts of just how extreme that Orthodoxy has been.  Unfortunately, a lot of Texans who don’t adhere to that orthodoxy are going to be affected by it.


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