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Health Care Opponents Spend Millions To Get Republican Teabaggers In Office

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Wow, President Obama’s strategy to pre-negotiate terms of the health care insurance reform giveaway sure seems like a good idea today, doesn’t it?

Opponents of the legislation, including independent groups, have spent $108 million since March to advertise against it.

Many of those ads are based on lies and nonsense, but there’s no law against that, is there?  What’s so important about March?  That’s when the bill was finally signed into law.  That advertising is helping lead the Republican Teabagger wave this election cycle.  So I have a question for the President and his pro-incrementalist allies: if these Republican Teabaggers control the House and shut down business in the Senate in 2011-2012, will you still argue that secret pre-negotiations and public giveaways to health care reform opponents were a good idea?


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