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Chancellor DeMint’s (R.Teabagger-S.C.) Standing Hold On All Legislation

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How will Democratic Senators who care more about self-imposed rules and traditions handle somebody like Sen. Chancellor Jim DeMint (R.Teabagger-S.C.) who held up every piece of legislation in the Senate until he personally cleared its progress?  Until very recently, the public wasn’t even aware that such an abuse of Senate procedure was occurring.  Sen. Chancellor DeMint shouldn’t have the power to be the single person who prevents the Senate from doing what it is supposed to do: deliberate and pass legislation.

Instead, we get nonsense like this:

“It is my understanding Jim DeMint has had a standing hold on everything throughout this two year process,” Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) told the Huffington Post on Tuesday. “When I have had amendments on a couple of occasions, I have been told: ‘Absolutely, we in the Republican leadership are fine but you are going to have to clear it with Jim DeMint because he has a standing hold on everything.’ So I’m not sure this is a real change from what he has been doing.”

If Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid loses his race to Republican Teabagger Angle, as it looks like he might, will he think back on his lack of drawing attention to this cancer in the Senate?  If Sen. Michael Bennet loses his race to Republican Teabagger Ken Buck, will he think back on his ham-handed attempts at pursuing bipartisanship at all costs?

The Senate is a broken institution.  I don’t want to listen to empty platitudes or promises from anybody on either side of the aisle until the Senate fixes its own problems.  The past 10 years are proof that Republican Teabaggers will do anything and everything in order to pass their legislation and completely halt Democrats from passing their legislation.  Serious people would address this issue.


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