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Lake Mead Hits Record Low Level

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A significant milestone has been reached.  At 1,083.09 feet above sea level, Lake Mead has less water than at any point since filling it began 75 years ago after the construction of the Hoover Dam.  An ongoing 11-year drought impacting the American Southwest, exacerbated by global warming, is the root cause.

Mr. Nelson said that the 11-year drought, which has caused the Colorado River to deliver considerably less water than its users have been promised, “reflects weather patterns that are what climate models predict for an era of climate change.”

The flat-earther, denier crowd continues to crow nonsense about what they see as problems with global warming.  The climate system doesn’t care – it’s responding to physical forcing, just like it’s supposed to do.  It will continue to do so as long as global warming pollution is pumped into the system.  The only thing that will reduce the length and intensity of droughts and other effects is the reduction of global warming pollution.


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