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Republican Tea Partier Ken Buck Called Rape Allegations “Buyer’s Remorse”

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Republican Tea Partier Ken Buck has done himself almost no favors in trying to get elected to the Senate this year.  One recent item was Ken Buck’s dismissal of a rape case, calling the allegations “buyer’s remorse”.  Those comments, and others in similar veins, go way beyond insensitivity, as some news reports have written.

Ken Buck is a shining example of what the Republican Party has become: middle-aged white guys who think the 1750s were the best time in America’s history.  Other humans were property and few people had the rights that the white males did.

When you hear a Republican Tea Partier say they want to take the country back, they’re not lying.  Ask them what year they’d like to take the country back to.  Then decide who you vote for this year.


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