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DC Pundits Misread The Cons’ “Pledge”

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I don’t believe the Cons’ would hold true to their recently announced “Pledge”.  You shouldn’t either.  Most analysts are correctly identifying it as a non-announcement of typical Con P.R.  How many of the points did the Cons’ adhere to when they controlled every branch of government?  Not many; nothing would be different if they regain control of either legislative chamber.  Cons lie to get into power, then do everything they can to maintain that power.  Truth be told, not many “Democrats” are very different.  That’s the reason for the “enthusiasm gap” that the corporate stenographers are chattering so much about these days.

But this post is in response to NBC’s write-up of the “Pledge”.  In contrast to most of these daily posts, this one comes pretty close to reality.  All except for this:

So you can already see the conflict and tension within the conservative movement if Republicans take back Congress. In fact, it isn’t too dissimilar between what President Obama and Democrats have faced from the left. In short, the liberal and conservative bases want to go farther than politics actually allows.

What a huge mis-read of what’s happened in the past 10 years.  The policies that then candidate-Obama ran on were and continue to be incredibly popular among all Americans.  Take a look at polling done over the past 30 years with almost any policy topic and you’ll find a majority of Americans (that’s Democrats, Unaffiliateds and Cons) supporting what these NBC pundits would characterize as “progressive policies” by ever increasing numbers.  Much of the legislation that made tortuous routes through the 111th Congress garner unbelievable support across all demographics.  The promises that candidate Obama made to the country in the fall of 2008 were based off of popular positions on those same policy topics.  The reason Democrats are frustrated with their elected politicians heading into fall 2010 is those politicians ran away from those promises once in power.

The missing piece in this NBC pundit analysis is that the liberal and Con bases want to go further than entrenched, moneyed interests actually allows.  President Obama, Sen. Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi don’t control as many levers as the public believes.  Industries that continued to post record profits throughout the Great Recession exert much more control on the political than the liberal and conservative bases.

I think those bases are trying to figure out how to get industry’s clenched fist to loosen up so they can put the changes they want in place.  I think we’ll continue to see see-sawing episodes of who controls which portion of government as long as the bases continue to be shut out by those in office.


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