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Sen. Bennet votes for Johanns amendment

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Although, it seems a little more than “unfortunate“, as Joan puts it, even if the amendment itself was defeated.

Coming from the man who promised progressive Democrats that he would introduce and fight for a public option amendment to the health insurance giveaway bill and then failed to do so, voting for the Johanns amendment provides a clearer picture for who this man really is:

In their zeal to repeal health reform, Republicans are taking aim at one provision of the Affordable Care Act–intended to strengthen already existing tax law–with potentially devastating results. They are doing by means of an amendment, to be voted on tomorrow from Sen. Johanns (R-NE) to the small business bill, that would repeal that provision.

Sen. Bennet (Corp-CO) voted for an amendment that would repeal tax law strengthening language.  He never introduced that public option amendment.  Just how committed to actual health care reform is Sen. Bennet, anyway?  To top off the irony, Democrats in Colorado are being told to suck it up and vote for this guy, because Ken Buck would be soooooo much worse.  Really?  At what point does Sen. Bennet reach unacceptable?  He’s already done it for me, although it was his vote to allow a filibuster on any climate legislation that did it.

Hope you get a cushy lobbyist job, Sen. Bennet.  Or maybe you can go back to work for Anschutz.


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