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Democrat’s Piss Poor Job

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Kos nails it.

In addition to doing a piss poor job of passing the best legislation possible the last 20 months, Democrats have done a piss poor job of communicating the successes they have had. And, they’ve certainly blown properly branding Republicans with their unpopular agenda, because when polled specifically about Republican priorities, the public recoils in horror.

Exactly.  I think it’s too late for Dems this cycle to garner the support they’ll need to get re-elected.  Democratic voters are rightfully pissed that the agenda they were promised Obama and others would work on wasn’t worked on.  Instead, they got preemptive capitulation and Quests for the Holy Bipartisanship Grail.  If Democrats seriously wanted to be reelected, they had 20 months to prove it.  They didn’t and they’re facing the consequences now.


One thought on “Democrat’s Piss Poor Job

  1. That’s because democrats suck. They can’t lead anything. They can’t push through their agenda (thank God!), because the vast majority of US citizens oppose it. The only reason they get elected is because of the base of undeducated poor people that they have built up by forcing their dependence on government handouts. They are the masters at negative campaigning. Unfortunately, Americans have watched Obama, Pelosi, and Reid turn a recession into a depression, and the democrats have no idea on how to get us out of it. They want to take MORE money from businesses and people that are already struggling, which would doom this country for a least the next decade. Our only hope for recovery is to clean house in Washington, and elect TRUE conservatives that will rein in the ridiculous government spending that continues to destroy our economy.

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