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The Climate Doesn’t Care About Process, Sen. Reid

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The main focus of this message is meant for Sen. Majority Leader Reid, but applies to anyone who is either actively working to prevent any energy or climate legislation from passing Congress or is offering up mealy-mouthed whines about how hard it is.

The climate doesn’t care, Sen. Reid.  It doesn’t care about your chamber’s absurd set of rules; about how many votes you do or do not have; about your re-election campaign; about any political process or effort to fawn to the media.

The climate simply responds to forcing, of which humans have done and continue to do plenty of.

Think action on climate change is hard, Sen. Reid?  Ask the Russians how hard their worst heat wave in recorded history was earlier this year.  Ask the Pakistanis how hard the floods are making their lives.  Ask some Africans how hard it is to feed and water their families when record drought continues to strike the region.  Those folks are dealing with the industrialized world’s greenhouse gas pollution.  Their lives are not only being made harder, but in a growing number of cases, impossible.

I’m sure they’ll all feel much more comfortable, and perhaps their lives will all get easier, as soon as they hear you might take up climate and energy issues piecemeal, because dealing with them in all their complexity is just more than you and your colleagues can seem to manage.

We’ll deal with this issue when we’re forced to and not much sooner, as I see it now.  By then, of course, the costs associated with it will have skyrocketed and whatever actions we take will be less effective than they would be if started today.  But Sen. Reid and others will have kept their hands on power as long as they possibly could along the way.  That’s the truly important part to this story, after all.


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