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One More Reason I Don’t Donate To The DCCC, DSCC or DNC

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I was happy to donate money to the DNC when Gov. Howard Dean was running the show.  Once Obama’s team co-opted it against the grassroots, I stopped my donations.

Now, more news comes out validating my decision not to donate to the big D groups – the DCCC or the DSCC.  They typically channel my donations to the most corporatist Democratic candidates around the country; people who have a habit of voting against my interests.

The news: Safe, Retiring House Democrats Owe More Than $2 Million in DCCC Dues.

Um, it’s less than 2 months before the 2010 general election, goofballs.  If you haven’t paid your dues yet, what are you possibly waiting for?

No, I choose the individual candidates I make donations to now.  Representatives that voted for bills that I consider important.  Representatives that don’t trash their party to the Corporate Media.  Representatives that can control themselves from repeating right-wing talking points that undermine their party’s cause.  Representatives that present a populist, progressive attitude.  Only a couple Senators around the country meet those stipulations, and neither from my state are on that list.  I would heartily encourage other Democratic activists to do the same.


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