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Tea Party Continues To Show It Doesn’t Truly Care About Government Waste

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Or more importantly, climate change.

I read a piece over at Climate Progress entitled, “Ohio Tea Party survey to candidates: “The regulation of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere should be left to God and not government and I oppose all measures of Cap and Trade as well as the teaching of global warming theory in our schools.”

It was somewhat unsurprising to read that Ohio Teabaggers are sending out emails to candidates’ campaigns asking that they respond to 15 questions so the Teabaggers can judge their worthiness of support.  All of them are batty to one degree or another.  One of the questions reads:

2. The regulation of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere should be left to God and not government and I oppose all measures of Cap and Trade as well as the teaching of global warming theory in our schools.

and asks for “respondents to give one of the following answers: A = Agree; D = Disagree; U = Undecided; A* = Pro-life with exceptions of Rape or Incest, * = Added comments; NR = No Response”.

This question fails on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin or end.  “God” isn’t emitting carbon dioxide into the Earth’s climate system at levels unseen for millenia, people are.  Therefore, citing “God” as the responsible authority to regulate atmospheric CO2 is silly.  Opposing teaching of global warming in schools because they think it’s “only a theory” is similarly absurd.  Why don’t they also demand that gravity be withheld from school curricula, since it’s also “only a theory”.

There is one thing that Joe Romm doesn’t cover at CP, however.  If the Teabaggers were true to their ideology and didn’t want government regulations impinging upon their mythical “free-market”, they would also demand from their candidates that the government stop subsidizing the dirty energy industry.  After all, between 2002 and 2008, the federal government alone provided more than 6 times the amount of welfare to the dirty energy industry than it did to the clean energy industry, despite the domination of our energy sector by the dirty energy industry.

Why would the Teabaggers target cap-and-trade?  Another unsurprising bit of information has come to light with regard to this Ohio group.  As the Guardian article notes, the billionaire Koch Brothers’ Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation are identified as partners with these Teabaggers.  That’s the same Koch Brothers who helped fund the astroturf groups that bused Teabaggers to Congressional townhalls in August of 2009 so that the media would focus on them, as if they were a new political phenomenon.  The Koch Brothers are billionaires not only because they are heavily invested in petroleum, energy and natural gas (among other) industries, but because their corporations benefit from millions of dollars in corporate welfare.  So much for being libertarians.  They fund groups that scream and rail about government waste while quietly wolfing down as much corporate welfare money as they can find.  That’s a good example of why I don’t believe Teabaggers that claim they’re all for the “free-market” and all against the government.  Their leaders wouldn’t be in the positions they were in were it not for the failures of the “free-market” and the benefits that the government supplied them.  The Teabaggers continue to be used by these parasites.  So not only should the Teabaggers demand from their candidates that they do something about the dirty energy industry’s corporate welfare, they should also demand from their financial backers the same thing.

Obviously, logic and coherence haven’t been trademarks of the Teabaggers.   Simply put, that is just a new name for the same group of hard-core Con supporters that have been around for decades.  They are predominantly white, male, upper middle-class and older than most other Americans.  They have always had a disdain for people not like them.  Take as just one example the comments of Barbara Bush after Hurricane Katrina regarding the victims suffering in the Louisiana Superdome, as her son’s regime failed to provide basic humanitarian services to them, and compare them with one of the Freedom Institute of Erie County’s steering committee members, Jon P Morrow [emphasis mine]:

“Government rules, program, and fees and taxes, though some are well intentioned, do nothing but hold those back that they were designed to help. Take Hurricane Katrina for an example. There were so many people that were on welfare and section 8 housing before the storm and after the storm literally kicked them out of a socialized (government provided) lifestyle many now have jobs and are starting to enjoy a taste of success.”

Just like the former first lady, Morrow is arguing that Hurricane Katrina did white Americans a favor by kicking the poor blacks out of their baseless existence in New Orleans.  New Orleans in these peoples’ minds provide a good example of what can happen when there are no more minorities around: they think their lifestyles have improved.  There are fewer people that aren’t like them, which is just what they want.

Once the Teabaggers start going after people like the Koch Brothers and other people in power who ensure that their corporations take as much corporate welfare from the government as possible while keeping take-home wages of average Americans nearly the same since 1974, I’ll take notice.  Today, however, the Teabaggers mostly show us every day that they are crotchety well-to-do whites who don’t like anybody that isn’t exactly like them.

Unfortunately, they’re more willing to destroy the basis of our society and civilization in their quest to make America more pure.  People are polluting the climate.  People are responsible for doing so.


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