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How Will We Respond To Upcoming Climate Change Catastrophes?

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This subject is receiving a little more attention as more and more people move beyond the false question, “Is climate change happening?”, to the much more important question: “What will happen as climate change makes its effects known?”

To that end, this opinion piece by a professor of global systems is a good read.  He goes through a couple of modern-day scenarios such as the record shattering heat wave in Russia, the U.S. east coast heat wave, and the record shattering flooding displacing millions of people in Pakistan.  Note that all of these scenarios have been and will continue to be part of climate change projections as we move further into the 21st century.

Heat waves, droughts, flooding and big snowstorms are all a part of climate change.  More importantly, the trend of where and when high rainfall and high temperatures occur will become increasingly important in determining geopolitical hotspots.  Millions of displaced Pakistanis and a 1% reduction in Russia’s GDP for 2010 will be seen as small shockwaves in the leadup to the massive climate shocks we’re ensuring will occur.

So while the fools run around screaming about sunspots and week-long growth of Antarctic sea ice, those of us not interested in pushing the dirty energy industry’s interests will examine topics such as:

We need a much more deliberate Plan Z, with detailed scenarios of plausible climate shocks; close analyses of options for emergency response by governments, corporations and nongovernmental groups; and clear specifics about what resources — financial, technological and organizational — we will need to cope with different types of crises.


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