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Democratic Establishment Continues To Show It Isn’t In Touch

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I came across an article at the Huffington Post yesterday dealing with the Democratic Party’s Superdelegate problem and how the Party Establishment has refused to come to grips with basic democratic principles.

The worst part: they know it and tried to keep this year’s faux attempt at fixing the problem out of the limelight.

But the [DNC Rules and Bylaws committee] took a dim view of this proposal. While endorsing recommendations to dilute the superdelegates’ influence (mostly by increasing the number of ordinary delegates), it quietly nixed the redefinition of their voting powers at it July 10 meeting. How quietly? Enough that even some members of the change commission hadn’t yet heard about it when NEWSWEEK spoke to them last week.

As the HuffPo article says, for all the attention that this problem attracted in the 2008 run-up to the Democratic Convention, the power of superdelegates was reduced not from 20% to 0%, as it should have been, but from 20% to 15%.  Because nobody wants current and former elected Democrats to feel like “second-class citizens”, as F.D.R.’s grandson warned if everybody’s vote counted the same.

Disgusting.  But don’t express wonder that the Democratic agenda has been watered down and outright killed in some cases – Dems can’t even get their own house in order.


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