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Broomfield, CO Con Lashes Out At Denver Post Editorial

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Via a tweet, I found this letter to the editor, trying to argue against the inclusion of a public option in legislation this year.  The Denver Post had previously written a short take in favor of Congress passing a public option.

First, the DP Ed board is pretty conservative.  That said, I agree with the Post – the public option bill won’t pass this year.

Second, what is the Broomfield Con arguing?  It’s actually pretty hard to tell.  Something about “government controlling everything”.  Eye-roll.  He cites the government’s control of the American auto industry, the finance industry, the banking industry, and then tries to scare readers into thinking Congress wants to control the energy industry too!!!  Oh noes!

This letter-writer obviously has no problem with the government controlling the war industry.  How many of his taxpayer dollars were physically lost in Iraq and Afghanistan?  I’m not talking about the supplementals funding the occupation; I’m talking about the physical bills that were well and truly lost – by Bush’s government, if it makes any difference to the writer.

The auto industry isn’t any more controlled by the government than the energy industry would be if the pathetic energy bill now being considered passes.  Unfortunately, private corporations will still control the lion’s share of the generation and transmission of energy across the entire country.  By the way, letter-writer, we pay dearly for that dirty energy immersed in the most inefficient infrastructure possible, just as we pay for the lack of care (but bountiful private management!) and massive inefficiencies in our health care system.

After the Bush government gave away more billions of dollars to the largest banks in the land, did this person write a letter of protest?  I doubt it.  Guess what those private entitie did with our taxpayer dollars, Mr. Letter-Writer.  They bought smaller banks.  They still aren’t lending the money to those who would help the economy to grow again – us.  They’re sitting on it all, waiting until the broken economy (which they broke, by the way), finally turns around.  Just as many honest observers pointed out back in 2008, the plan to dole out our tax dollars to unaccountable private industries wouldn’t pan out.  Yet you sit there defending them!

If a government entity can help provide  energy, or health care, or directly loan money to people who actually need it, I’m all for it.  There’s an advantage in that approach, actually.  Governments, unlike obscenely profitable corporations, can be held accountable.  Neither you nor I can hold Bank of America or United Health or Xcel or Halliburton as accountable as we can our Representatives and Senators.

If you truly believed in the power of private industry, Mr. Letter-Writer, you would be begging for the government to offer a public option.  Because if private industry was as smart and powerful as you seem to think it is, that public option would have no chance in surviving.  Your attack against the editors and a public option indicates that you recognize that health care isn’t being delivered by our private entity dominated industry.  Why are you rooting for failure and profiteering, Mr. Con?  Are you one of the billionaires running one of those corporations?


One thought on “Broomfield, CO Con Lashes Out At Denver Post Editorial

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