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No Shock Here: Obama’s Bailout Guy Lets Obscene Bank Bonuses By

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Given this news, I continue to think the Obama adminstration still hasn’t accepted the public’s anger at the taxpayer-funded bailouts that the immoral banks received, no matter how quickly they’re paid back; no matter how much interest is paid on top of them.

Why?  Because the banksters have given themselves Billions of dollars in bonuses while millions of Americans still have no job.

The “Pay Czar” wasn’t given legal authority to stop obscene bonuses from being paid to the banksters.  It was said last year that had that authority been given, those “in charge” of the banks would leave and the banks wouldn’t be able to conduct their business.  Bo0-freaking-hoo.

It’s not the banksters who will be held accountable (Obama and Congressional Democrats made sure of that); it’s not Obama’s advisers, including men who came straight from some of these same banks to whisper sweet policy nothings in Obama’s ears, who will be held accountable; it’s those Congresspeople who will be held accountable this November.  Good luck with that agenda next year, Obama!


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