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More Electric Car Charging Stations To Come

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This is good news in a time when “natural gas vehicles” are being pushed by some in the dirty energy industry:

Only a few hundred public chargers exist now, but several government grants totaling more than $115 million will help add thousands more, including in San Diego, Detroit, Washington, D.C., and Bellevue, Wash.

Electric vehicle advocates hope more will be built by private retailers and restaurants, using the charging stations to draw in customers the same way coffee shops offer Wi-Fi.

Those grants are puny in comparison to the scale needed to develop this new industry, especially in light of President Obama’s stated goal of 1 million electric vehicles on American roads by 2015.  Still, I suppose some small grant are better than none at all.

Once electric vehicles become a growing portion of the transportation marketplace, efforts to stop building dirty energy facilities and build up clean energy facilities will also become commonplace.  I look forward to that day.

BetterPlace continues to make progress around the world implementing their vision for deploying electric vehicles.


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