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Record Low North American Snow Cover in April 2010

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You would think a headline and story like that would have received some kind of attention in the so-called librul media.  Yet digging for this information was required: snow cover for North America was the lowest on record in April 2010.  That correct: the lowest of any month since 1967.  Not just all Aprils; all months.  That’s a scary freaking record to make.

Remember what Sen. James Inhofe’s (Oil-OK) family was doing back when Washington D.C. got some snow this winter?  Building igloos and mocking Al Gore. Ha ha!  Gosh, that was a good one, Senator!

Um, where are you know, Mr. Class Act?  Hm?  I’m sure glad you got your childish stunt done while there was actually snow to make igloos, because there’s a massive shortage of snow from the entire continent now.

As I wrote the other day, April was anomalously warm across the U.S. That post covered some data contained in NCDC’s April 2010 report.

All this goes to show that James Inhofe and his band of deniers don’t understand what the heck they’re talking about.  One snowstorm doesn’t constitute climate.  One month of anomalous warmth for the U.S.; one month of anomalous warmth for the globe; three months of near-record anomalous warmth for the globe – that gets at climate trends.  And as I’ll document next, the globe doesn’t care if Washington D.C. got 12″ of snow this winter.  Record heat is being observed this year, just as climatologists have predicted.  If Sen. Inhofe really was classy, he would offer an apology for his childish antics.  I won’t hold my breath waiting.


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