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Northeast U.S. Had A Very Warm April 2010

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NOAA’s NCDC released their national climate summary for April 2010 last week.  On a statewide basis, the northeast had a very warm April indeed.  Consider:

5 states had their warmest April ever: Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Illinois.

22 states had an April that ranked in their top 10 out of 116 years (including the 5 listed above), characterized as ‘Much Above Normal’.

Nationally, the U.S. had its 103rd warmest April out of the last 116 years, which the NCDC characterizes as ‘Above Normal’.

Most of the western U.S. was wetter than normal; most of the eastern U.S. was drier than normal.  Nationally, April was the 36th driest on record.


One thought on “Northeast U.S. Had A Very Warm April 2010

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