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Dems “Vow” To Push Climate Legislation

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Excuse me while I yawn after reading something so silly.  Senate Democrats have vowed to introduce this legislation for the past 15 months.  It has yet to be introduced.  Senate Democrats have no idea what they’re doing in terms of controlling the schedule or the debate on most issues.  They botched the stimulus (certainly not enough, as  I fear we’ll come to find), they botched health care legislation (which turned into a massive health insurance giveaway), they botched climate and energy (the House has been done with their bill for almost a year now) and they’ve botched immigration (I don’t think it’s the leading issue of our time, but they certainly allowed racist Arizonans to decide when it was going to be handled).

So when I read the Senate Democrats are planning on introducing their climate and energy legislation this Wednesday, after last Monday’s false start thanks to Arizona, consider me underwhelmed.  The American people by large numbers wanted something, anything to happen with regard to health care.  Those numbers don’t exist for climate and energy legislation, despite the obviously larger degree of necessity for a 21st century policy approach.  What I think that means is there won’t be 60 votes to stop the pathetic batch of losers known as the Senate Cons from stopping everything from moving forward.  The Cons think they need to move even further toward the political fringe because a minute number of over-spoken, wealthy white men have managed to convince the corporate media that they’re more politically important than demonstrable majorities of the rest of America.

If Democrats cannot introduce and pass progressive climate and energy legislation while they control historic majorities in the House and Senate while also controlling the White House, it won’t happen any time soon.  By the time it does, critical tipping points will have been handily passed and any future actions taken will be more expensive and less effective than if they had been passed in 2009 or 2010.

Because here’s what the entire topic boils down to: the climate doesn’t care what kind of political support climate legislation enjoys in any country.  The climate is a physical process that is responding to our forcing more than it is responding to natural forcing.  It will do what it will do.  We can push it even further out of the balance it was in for most of past few hundred thousand years or we can stop forcing it and allow it to regain an equilibrium more suitable for the current variety of life on this planet.


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