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Cons: Less Government Unless Forced Births Are Involved

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Seriously, the Cons truly are sickos.  I hesitate to call them people, given news like this (emphasis mine):

One of the laws headed to the [Oklahoma] governor would require doctors to use a vaginal probe in cases where it would provide a clearer picture of the fetus than a regular ultrasound. Doctors have said this is usually the case early in pregnancies, when most abortions are done.

The Cons are clearly confused.  Are they for more government or less?  Because this is the government getting involved in health care decisions, which those same Cons screamed about for over a year.  This is simply more proof that none of the health care debate was actually about an honest disagreement; it was about objecting to anything the half-black President of the U.S. said he wanted.

This is why few Americans are taking the teabaggers seriously.  They push for stupid laws that defy what they themselves say they want.  It’s too much to ask them to make sense – it’s clearly a skill that is simply beyond them.

The worst thing is they want to shove their insane version of reality down the rest of our throats via the government they claim to hate so much.


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