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Tea Partiers Are Mostly Wealthy, White, Ultra-Conservative Men

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It’s a little surprising to me why so much attention is being given to the extremist Tea Party.  What’s so shocking about a bunch of older, white rich men being angry at the rest of the country?  They’ve demonstrated for the better part of 30 years that they love to cast themselves as the victims of our society – so nothing they’re saying today is novel, let alone grounded in reality.

Be that as it may, more and more corporate media outlets are running polls to try to crack the nearly impenetrable nut that the Tea Party supposedly represents.  In politics, it’s always good to have numbers to back up arguments.  It won’t make the fringe right-wing any more accountable for their own actions, but the rest of America at least gets a chance to see who they really are.

A majority of Tea Party folks don’t actually seem to be so terribly upset about taxes, which commenters commonly cite as their raison d’etre.  They have said so themselves – they think they’re being taxed fairly.  They have a skewed view of the job President Obama is doing, especially as it relates to the federal deficit and the health insurance mess that was the result of a wasted year of “debate”.

Their deficit concerns are incredibly laughable.  And I think they actually demonstrate what they’re really concerned about.  Before I get to that, I would like to point out that no media polling has yet asked a very important question: if the deficit is really so troubling to you, where were you in the years 2001-2008, when the federal deficit exploded?  President Obama has added a little to the national deficit, it’s true.  I say a little because the last president added many times what this President has or will.  Angry, old, rich white men weren’t screaming about revolts and revolutions last decade.

Why?  Because the president looked like them; because he was one of them.  When the Tea Partiers are threatening to commit violence and cheering domestic terrorists in 2009 and 2010, it is in no small part due to the fact that they don’t like operating in a society that takes care of everybody.  The Tea Partiers loved the historic transfer of wealth that the Cons gave to rich white people.  They’re angry because some of that wealth might find its way back to the people who gave it up in the last 10 years.  Tea Partiers are greedy and selfish.  A majority of them are racist, evidenced by a growing number of poll results, given by the Tea Partiers themselves.

These extremists have made up their own twisted version of history and are trying to force it onto the rest of the country.  Terrorists and their supporters should not be given credence by our media.  That wouldn’t happen if the corporate media didn’t cater primarily to them.


One thought on “Tea Partiers Are Mostly Wealthy, White, Ultra-Conservative Men

  1. You may like my post from this morning, there is a video of a tea party rally, with a collection of racist signs… I even had a comment claiming these were liberal plants sent in to disrupt it…even when the video shows one of the leaders holding a sign with the N word on it.

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