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Health Insurance Legislation: $250 Million To Failed Abstinence-Only Education

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Thank goodness Obama is playing 11-dimensional chess while the rest of us scoot around in the mud with our sticks.  Thank goodness real health care legislation was passed and the health insurance industries will have real competition.  Thank goodness funding abstinence-only education stopped after the Bush Regime finally left.

All of the above are false.  Thanks to the Master Rhetorician Obama and our fearless “leaders” in the Senate, the health insurance legislation included a $50 million line for five years to abstinence-only education programs that have been proven to fail.

Thanks to Bush’s idiotic pandering to the religious right-wing, the number of teen pregnancies rose and STDs spread faster than they did in the 1990s.

Thanks to Obama’s idiotic pre-negotiating Democratic principles in health care, those trends will continue.


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