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Mark Udall Frustrated At Con Obstructionisn? Join The Club.

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Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) temporarily joined reality and called out Senate Cons for their obstructionism.  At issue was the cancellation of a hearing on the bark beetle epidemic plaguing the Western U.S.  The hearing was canceled because the Cons found another rule they could play with to get even less done in the Senate – the Senate rules say no hearings can take place after 2PM each day unless the Senate otherwise consents.  Up until now, the Senate has consented.  The Cons, in apparent retaliation over losing two general elections in a row, voted against the consent motion.  So this hearing, and others, were canceled.

Sen. Udall has been one of the leading proponents of working with the Cons, citing his desire for “bipartisanship” as an attribute.  This has continued despite overwhelming evidence that the Cons had and have absolutely no interest in doing their jobs and governing this country.  Their failures haven’t been enough for them – they want the country to fail along with them.  Democrats have stupidly negotiated on issue after issue with the Cons in the past 14 months – and received no votes for the watered down bills in return.

Now Sen. Udall wants to moan and complain about obstructionism?  Where have you been these 14 months, Sen. Udall?  What observations or experiences did you have when you were a House member that would have indicated the the Cons would work with you and your Democratic colleagues?  Because many activists outside of D.C. figured out the Cons wouldn’t work with Democrats prior to this Congress being seated.  Moreover, a majority of voters, most of whom don’t follow politics very much at all, elected Democrats to historical majorities because they figured out the Cons refused to govern when they had the majority.

Finally, is this a one-time event?  Will you make a small wave just once in the corporate press and expect things to straighten themselves out or are you willing to keep hammering away at this issue?  More than that, are you willing to change the rules at the beginning of the next Senate so that a super-majority isn’t required to do anything more difficult than pick your noses or will you give the Cons yet another two years to halt all activity in the Senate and allow our government to become more permanently dysfunctional?  If you want anything done on the bark beetle problem, Sen. Udall, you need to recognize what your political opponents are doing and then work to fix the problem.


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