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OK Sen. Coburn Fighting For Pedophiles

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Senator Tom Coburn, a Republican from Oklahoma, introduced an amendment to the reconciliation bill yesterday.  The timing of the amendment should tell every American he would rather fight for “pedophiles” and “convicted rapists” than for the rest of us.

The Senator said his amendment was about preventing erectile dysfunction drugs from going to those disgusting characters.  But when he decided to bring it up makes it clear that he was more interested in campaign ad material than making public policy.  Sen. Coburn has had more than one year to add this language to the health care bills.  His decision to wait until the last possible moment, when proposing it could do the most political damage, makes clear than Sen. Coburn isn’t serving Americans, he’s serving his own crass political ambitions.

Why does Sen. Coburn care more for pedophiles and convicted rapists?  Why does Sen. Coburn hate the rest of Americans?


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