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Republicans: No To Jobs, Yes To Wall St.

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The Cons continue to stick it to the group that actually drives the U.S. economy: Americans.  Specifically, American workers.  The Cons are far more interested in showering Wall St. corporations with trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars.  But when it comes time to keep a functioning jobs program going, it’s f-you.

Thanks to the Senate Cons, funding for a summer jobs program and enhanced support for poor families with children has been voted down.  The reason?  Supposedly the deficit.  But outside the D.C. bubble, we know the Cons don’t care about the deficit.  They loaded the deficit up with trillions of dollars when they had the White House and both houses of Congress last decade.  They never piped up about how bad deficits were for our future – until a Democrat was in the White House and Democrats controlled Congress.

We do not have a deficit crisis.

We have an unemployment crisis.

The deficit problem will not go away until we address our employment crisis.  If a little bit more spending is necessary to generate thousands of new jobs, as the jobs program the Cons just killed would have done, do you seriously think Americans would object to that?  The number one priority for Americans, regardless of party affiliation, is jobs.

So please, continue to prevent jobs from being created, Cons.  There are enough of us paying attention to point out you’re the ones preventing us, as usual, from moving forward.  Keep up your ridiculous antics.  Americans know you’re terrible at governing.  We’ll find out in November just how proud of your “No” label you are.


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