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Corporate Media Fails To Cover Real American Outrage

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The corporate media fell over themselves producing wall-to-wall coverage of anything Tea Party related starting last August.  Despite being able to only gather a few hundred people at any single gathering, despite the supposed grass-roots outrage over the health legislation in Congress, the corporate media couldn’t cover the story enough.  They had no platform, only mindless rage directed at any number of targets supplied by their behind-the-scenes corporate organizers.

What happens when thousands of real grass-roots activists gather, in Washington D.C. no less, to protest against health insurance lobbyists and executives?  Next to no corporate media coverage.  Even a supposed paragon of liberal media like MSNBC has no front-page articles this afternoon about today’s rally.

The anger from those fed up with our broken health care system is real; it is pervasive.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if this rally, or any other rally like it, goes uncovered by the corporate media.  True grass-roots activists will continue to demand change and take action when and where it is needed.  The system will be changed.  We will change it.

Given the resounding lack of corporate media coverage, I haven’t been able to answer the first question that came to mind when I saw the article: how diverse was this crowd?  Was it more diverse than the near-absolute all-white folks showing up for Tea Party gatherings?  I’m willing to bet it was.


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